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Safe & Educational After-School Programs

“Parents and Kids are rushing to save a spot in the BEST After School Program in North Jacksonville!”

All-Star Youth Sports here in Jacksonville, Florida, has a great way for your child to spend weekday afternoons. Programs that engage the mind with physical and mental challenges await. Check out our summer camp offerings too.

Our A+ After School Program includes FREE Transportation from school, Martial Arts Classes, Tumbling Lessons, Fun Indoor/Outdoor Sports Activities, and Homework Time!

If your child attends any of these elementary schools in the Oceanway, North Jax area, then they may qualify for our exciting After School Program! Read below!

  • Louis S. Sheffield Elementary
  • New Berlin Elementary
  • Oceanway Elementary
  • San Mateo Elementary
  • Patrick’s Catholic School

Our after school program is an incredible value! You are going to love the activities that are included at no additional cost! Your student will have a blast spending time with friends and participating in the following fun and safe after school activities:

  • Daily A+ Homework Time!
  • Taekwondo Classes!
  • Tumbling Lessons!
  • Various Indoor and Outdoor Sports!
  • Arts and Crafts!
  • Game Rooms!
  • Character Development!
  • And Much More! 

Children Learning


Eliminate after-school loafing around your home that leads to excessive television watching and snacking. Stop wondering if your child will ever learn the self-discipline to start doing things without being asked a thousand times.

Your child will take control of school, homework and social skills all from a single program. After just one visit to our after-school program, you'll feel confident that you are empowering your child with the perfect combination of:

Mental Stimulation | Physical Fitness | Self-Discipline

Sign your child up for our after-school martial arts program and ensure that your child is:

Developing Critical Problem Solving Skills | Learning to Manage Stress and Anxiety | Growing Into a Well-Rounded Person

With bullying at an all-time high these days, our training emphasizes nonviolent conflict resolution. We are a bully-free zone, and ways to overcome and prevent bullying are taught in our after-school programs.

We want you to be able to pick your child up at the end of your work day and go home, have dinner and enjoy the evening together. This is our goal by offering all that we do in our after-school program.


Children have designated homework time, and we offer homework assistance. We offer free transportation and do pickups from each school. Half days are included — we don't charge extra for half days of school. All-Star Youth Sports offers day camps on days when there is no school. Students in our after-school programs receive a discount of anywhere from 30 - 50% off our day camp rates.